Connected Controller for distributed HVAC Refrigeration Systems

Case of study

Connected Controller for distributed HVAC Refrigeration Systems

Using NXP microcontrollers,
Wi-Fi and Zigbee



Connected HVAC systems

Modern HVAC systems for refrigeration require modular approach and multi bus connections. The implementation presented includes: LPC2468 ARM7 microcontroller from NXP, Operating System from Keil-ARM, MMI with graphics library, Ethernet, USB , Expansion to Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Connection to Server (Cloud, Database) .



The Value of Telemetry in HVAC Systems

Lightweight Data Channel: In a distributed Refrigeration Systems, like big supermarket or point of sale, Bluewind data logging and telemetry relies upon MQTT/ mosquitto software protocol. The system thus obtains  optimal efficiency on the data channel, which results in lighter cost for GSM/GPRS data transmission.

Marketing: The refrigerator manufacturer or integrator experiences best return on sales revenue, technical statistics, (i.e. energy saving statistics, temperature stability, efficiency).

Service: the machine can be diagnosed in advance, before runnig out of temperature range, or well ahead of machine failures and anomalies. Temperature anomalies, system pressure and possibily compressor damages can be diagnosed in advance. Maintenance personnel is optimized and ahead of machine anomalies.