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Choral and Bluewind
Starting August 2015, Bluewind and Choral sister companies have merged into Bluewind Srl. Bluewind is committed in developing, enhancing and supporting Greenwich Tracker and all the Choral product range.
Find Choral products and services under the Bluewind website.
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About Bluewind
Bluewind Srl, an independent engineering company, provides innovative Products and Design services in the field of Digital Electronics, Energy Efficiency and Wireless Communications. By designing hardware sensors, wireless networks and infrastructures, Bluewind provides complete product solutions, connected and ready for the next Internet of Things. The company serves primary industries in Europe and the US, in leading application fields such as:

  > Industrial & Smart Energy
  > Home Automation
  > Wireless & Communication

The R&D task force consists of 12 experienced engineers, providing full product design and covering the complete design cycle: product architecture, hardware/ software design, product testing, CE compliance, and production. Technology key-solutions are:

Products & Solutions Design Services

  > GSM, GPRS, GPS platforms  
  > Smart Energy & Solar

  > Zigbee and Konnex
  > WiFi, Zigbee and antenna design
  > Linux for real time systems
  > Video Over IP (H264, MPEG4)
  > Product concept, modeling
  > Hardware and software design
  > Prototyping and Manufacturing      
  > Product testing
  > EMI/EMC and compliance
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