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Key Features
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> Connects with MQTT protocol

Things Cloud Service ready

> Java Programmable Versions
> CAN Bus Diagnostics

> Accelerometer
> Li-Ion Battery with Charger
> Automotive /Anti Theft
Ready solution for localization of vehicles and assets
Greenwich family is a complete range of Automotive compliant telematics units, integrating GSM/GPRS technology and a state-of-art GPS receiver. Java-programmable versions of the range allow the development of custom applications
Programmability with JAVA
Thanks to the embedded JAVA machine the device can be easily programmed to be adapted to the customer service application. Software libraries and working examples are published on an "as is" basis in source code. For this purpose the Greenwich GWMDK Development Tools is available.
OTA-Over The Air Programmability ensures timely update of the Java Application, both during development and in production or maintenance stage.

Sensors and Interfaces
A full programmable 3D accelerometer can be used as movement sensor or crash detector. A complete set of digital and analogue inputs allows to collect data from the vehicle and use them for telemetry solutions. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery gives autonomy for stand alone applications or antitheft purpose.
Data Transmission and Security
Greenwich family products are open to be configured to connect to any user (properietary) server via TCP  and UDP protocols.
Greenwich family devices can also comply with the widely recognized
MQTT standard protocol,  including SSL/TSL layer for data protection/identification.

Can bus Diagnostics
Greenwich product range includes versions equipped with CAN (Controller Area Network)
CAN bus is widely used as an automotive standard for vehicle
maintenance, diagnostics and fleet management.
For all versions with CAN, Greenwich provides  CAN_LIB, an "as-is" library handling SAE-J1939 and FMS, and open to the integration of more CAN based protocols.

Cloud Services /Backend
As an option, Greenwich offers Things Cloud as a ready cloud server for data collection over the internet. Things Cloud is based on messaging broker service, and offers database, data collection, different connection protocols and is open to  integration with Customer applications (i.e. GIS mapping software, Data representation software, web reports)
 >  GPS and GPRS modules on board

 >  Java Programmable

 >  3 axis accelerometer and vibration sensor

 >  4 Digital Inputs

 >  2 Digital Outputs

 >  2 Analogue Inputs

 >  2 RS232 serial lines
 >  Vehicle CAN Bus monitoring, FMS, 

 >  Power Supply: 8-32 Vdc, automotive

 >  Battery: Li-Ion, 3.7 V, with internal

 >  Operating temperature: -20 +60°C

 >  Dimensions: 125x80x35 mm (LxWxH)

 >  Homologations: CE, 96/56/EC, R116

 >  GWMDK Development Tools available


Entry level, java programmable, for immediate applications in localization of vehicles and Goods
High end device for fleet management: equipped with CAN ,FMS and SAE-J1939
High End device, with CAN, adds remote command capability, for Driver_ID enable and remote control of device
IP65 robust version for trailers, with extra protection form transients, and extra battery capacity
Rugged IP67 for trailers and harsh environment, with aluminum case, extra protection from transients, extra battery capacity
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