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Physical and Dynamics modeling
Bluewind starts product design from use case analysis. This leads to a consistent User Requirements Document, which is used as a guide through product development and final testing. Behaviour of complex systems  is studied by using MATLAB (r) and Simulink (r) scientific modeling  softwares. Electrical circuit behaviour is analysed with the aid of pSpice electrical analysis software. software.
Printed Circuit layout design

Hardware PCB layout is carried out by using CAD tools (PowerPCB/Mentor and others). Signal integrity, thermal analysis and line impedance matching is checked out by pSpice and other simulation tools (more).
Antenna Design
Bluewind designs a quantity of radio-communication products based on:  Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, GSM and GPS. All these technologies will require an external (off the shelf),  or a customised printed circuit Antenna.. (more)
Project validation and test report
A variety of instruments are used to test final circuits: in circuit emulators, EMI generators, electronic loads, impedance simulators and waveform generators. A campaign of EMI/EMC pre-compliance tests is performed on physical electronic samples at the very early prototyping stage. (...more)
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