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Bluewind currently develops different radio-communication products involving Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, GSM and GPS. All these technologies could require an external (off-the-shelf), or a customised printed circuit Antenna. In this latter case, a suitable PCB antenna design process is required.
Specific Product Antenna Design
Good antenna design is a critical factor in obtaining good range and stable throughput in a wireless product.
This holds especially in low power and small-size designs where antenna space is less than optimal. However, many cost efficient and effective options exist for implementing integrated antennas. Options include: selecting the correct antenna, antenna tuning, matching, gain/loss, and knowing the required radiation pattern.
Fig: PCB antenna under development
Development of a PCB Antenna
Antenna is at first simulated by Antenna simulator Software, and then implemented on Printed Circuit. At prototye stage, the device gets tested and radiation patterns are verified in proper anechoic chamber.

Fig: Antenna Test and Gain diagram
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