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Zeesk Series

Zigbee based,
PCB-mount module with
Router + MultiSensors for Data Monitoring
KEY FEATURES   Product Datasheet
>  Zigbee Router, Compliant HA

> RF power amplifier, for gain up to

> Pressure, Temperature and Light

> Power supply: 1.8-5.5Vdc
> Module Size: 27.5mm x55 mm
>  Operating Temperature
   - 20°
÷ 50°C
 > Complete Zigbee HA Profile Router
 > Suitable for telematics and Home Automation
 > Sensors: Light, Temperature, Pressure/Altitude

 > Power Amplifier for optimal range and routing
 > Implements a Zigbee based application
Suitable for the integration of a Zigbee Router and Multi Sensing functionality on Customer board without connectors: QFN like pads allow direct soldering on application board.
Module-1 allows data collection in home, industry, telematics. This all-in-one router/sensor Module  is fully compliant with HA Zigbee profile. It implements a full Zigbee router node, by also adding Multiple Sensor capability, and enhancing network routing via amplified radio.
>  Zigbee Router, compliant with Zigbee HA profile
>  Sensors: Temperature, Light, Pressure
>  Power Supply 1.8- 5.5Vdc
>  Additional NTC temperature sensor
>  Total RF output power: 16dBm
>  Integrated Zigbee 2.4GHz Antenna
>  Sensitivity: -100dBm
>  Operating temp: -20°C +50°
>  Module size 27.5mm x 50mm
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*ES:  samples available