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Connectivity Platform for the Internet of Things


Bluewind expertise is to design and connect physical devices to the internet, extracting the maximum of valuable data.
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The most noticeable Internet of Things (IoT)  applications include

When local intelligent devices (like sensor, actuators, pumps, switches), local computing, visualization services, mobile workforce applications, need to communicate each other using the Internet, they can't be put in direct connection. This is caused by several factors:
     > harsh industrial environment
     > firewalls
     > NAT address translations
     > dynamic addresses behind routers
     > special local protocols routed to the Internet

Telit as a partner, has helped in the connection of GSM hardware technology, into the Cloud network, by using their m2mAir connectivity platform

Security concerns make it difficult to imagine a different situation even when the mentioned constrains can be avoided.
Things Platform
things solution includes
 server | network | sensors
things cloud server is based on a messaging broker service, enabling communication between end points in a secure and managed environment using  standard MQTT protocol.
Using a standardised protocol allows maximum compatibility with other devices and infrastructures in industry.
Normally, upstream connection from local network (i.e sensors) to the Internet and to things cloud will deploy 3G/4G, Wi-fi, ADSL routers.
Local Network
Local networks, composed by nodes, sensors, actuators may employ a number of different physical channels (wired or wireless), depending on the applications, i.e: KNX, PLC, Lonworks, 6LoWPAN, Zigbee, Bluetooth and CAN BUS in the automotive, just to name a few.
Bluewind designs and provide low power sensors, i.e.  temperature, straing gauge, weight, pressure, connected via wireless or wired link.
Wireless technologies includes: Zigbee, Dust SmartmeshIP, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

things Connectivity Platform
sensors  |  network  |  server |  interface
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Things application: Example in the Automotive Fleet Management Field

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