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        Zigbee based
      Home Automation Control System
Home Automation System for household heating elements,
whose communication relies entirely on Zigbee
All radiators are capable to route Zigbee messages, as well as acting as Zigbee nodes. Mesh networking is used to overcome physical obstacles encountered in the building: walls, floors, etc. Optionally, some of these Zigbee nodes can also bridge signal to a standard Konnex Home Automaton network. The end customer benefits of easy installation, flexible configuration and integration towards other Home Automation.
Zigbee for Home Automation 

The ZigBee protocol stack is designed for monitoring and control applications such as building automation and smart energy. It  features self forming and self healing mesh networks which help differentiate it from other technologies.
ZigBee's Home Automation profile provides a solution to enable the control and automation of everyday devices, including lighting, window blinds and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
Block Diagram

Freescale Beekit

The BeeKit is a configuration environment for Freescale’s wireless connectivity platform that includes the Simple MAC (SMAC), IEEE® 802.15.4 and full function ZigBee wireless communications. The BeeKit includes a code base of supported wireless communication protocols and sample applications, a solution validation tool and export functionality. The BeeKit Wireless Connectivity Toolkit allows users to create, modify, and update various Freescale wireless networking implementations including Simple Media Access Controller (SMAC), 802.15.4 MAC, SynkroRF, Freescale BeeStack (ZigBee) and Freescale BeeStack Consumer (RF4CE) applications.
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