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     VoIP and Video Streaming Solutions
                              for Freescale i.MX27 Family
Bluewind enhances Freescale Linux BSP for i.MX27 Multimedia Processor to easily integrate Voice and Video Streaming Opensource components
Bluewind reference demo platform investigates the feasibility of a full Opensource solution for VoIP and Video Streaming over IP.
It's based on i.MX27 ADS (development board) from Freescale and a set of ported sources that Bluewind will be glad to distribute free of charge to qualified clients.
The result of our tests is a confirmation that the used applications can easily be ported to i.MX27, and the performance obtained with such setup can fit the needs of a wide range of VoIP / Video related products.
Calls between existing commercial VoIP handsets and the Linux-based VoIP software solution running on i.MX27 have been tested, as well as Mpeg4 Video streaming between i.MX27 boards and a standard PC.
Bluewind, in collaboration with Freescale, is now in charge of publishing a set of package extensions to the Freescale BSP for i.MX27.
Bluewind extension to Freescale Linux BSP for i.MX27
This package extension is intended to achieve functionalities in audio and video streaming by exploiting i.MX27 hardware capabilities (see picture namely the parts highlighted in red)
Aim of this development is to provide a solution which is both platform-independent and compliant with the most widely diffused communication standards.
The demo application uses an i.MX27 ADS board communicating with a x86PC running a standard software IP phone.
SIP Signalling
The application chosen to integrate audio and video streaming functionalities is linphone, an example of open source implementation based on SIP.
See more at
The linphonec command line engine allows handling of signalling processes according to SIP standard. Picture on the right shows the used software structure, and the relationship with the underlying hardware blocks.
Highlight shows the video codec libraries.

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