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     Secure connection of Sensor Networks to the Internet

    using Viggen TWO + things IoT Cloud Server
A typical issue in Building Automation, Industrial, Vending, Appliances, and other fields, is being able to wire sensor generated data in a secure way to the Internet.

Viggen TWO System on Module with its development platform offers a complete set of opensource components, enabling a customer wire  a local network to the Internet using an intelligent gateway and tools.
A typical industrial case

>  A Sensor Wireless Network (temperature, switches, actuators) is normally gathering live data from a
   plant or product

> Security /Encryption is granted by a Secure Gateway, based on ViggenTWO System on Module, handling
   secure transition from a local network (i.e KNX, enOcean, Zigbee, Thread..) to the external internet world

> Data must be represented locally by graphical charts (see below) and /or sent to a remotre IoT server.
   This is made easy using
ready port of the node-RED logical design tool.

> IoT access ready: a set of software tools, including MQTT, to access several Cloud Systems, including
   Bluewind things, IBM Blumix, Eurotech Everyware Device Cloud, and others that can easily be integrated.

> Low cost , small form/factor
   43x43mm,Cortex A7 +   linux based

> Addresses Security: embedded
   Cryptography,Secure Boot, Secure

> Full i.MX6UL signal pinout available

> suited for custom developments,
   both in plants and end-products

> engineering support for custom
   boards and drivers (Carrier Board,
   Linux Drivers)
using Viggen TWO:

  • Secure IoT Gateway (ETH) for refrigeration controllers (HVAC systems)
  • POS payment systems
  • Secure Home Access System (>)
  • HMI Graphical interface for packaging machines (industrial)
  • Vending machines (>)
DevPlatform (>)

> DevPlatform is the main tool for
   development on ViggenTWO.
   It includes hardware base and
   a set of opensource tools:
  • full Viggen TWO Carrier Board
  • linux BSP
  • linux compilers/toolchain
  • QT Embedded graphics library
  • node-RED (see), 'the visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things'
> MQTT  Client/Broker and IoT
   communication stack

> TLS/SSL security stack

> off-the-shelf integration of wireless
   protocols. Currently available:
   enOcean Energy Harvesting
   Sensors; Linear Technology
   SmartmeshIP networks
> Basic access to Bluewind things IoT
   Cloud Server (see)

> DevPlatform is also a full Single

   Board Computer, including wireless
   capability, 1GHZ,  2.4GHz  (Zigbee,
   WiFi, Bluetooth,..), SD, NFC, USB,
   ETH, CAN-bus

> node_RED is included in the development package, and let a customer easily implement large logic
  strategies. In the example, one can both represent data in a local panel, and send to a IoT server
  via MQTT protocol

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