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Industrial Safety Software Solutions using Infineon AURIX™

This resource page helps you to design software for the Industrial, Heavy-duty, Agriculture and Construction equipment compliant to IEC 61508 and other Safety Standards

Welcome to the page dedicated to Infineon Aurix technology and tools for the Safety Critical Industrial segment.
This is the starting point dedicated to all the R&D teams entering the process of design, build, assess and maintain a full Aurix-based product, compliant with IEC 61508, EN13849, but extending also to Railway, Off-highway, Machinery and other similar standards.

While AUTOSAR is the well established Automotive software framework dedicated to high volume passenger cars under ISO 26262, a vast majority of different other Safety designs in the Industrial, Construction and NON AUTOSAR Automotive can benefit by an alternative approach, which can avoid the complexity, cost, and maintenance effort of a full Autosar system.

A proven-in-use engineering approach based on past experience outlines a reliable path to certification which includes the use of Infineon free set of Aurix drivers (iLLD), along with a set of qualified libraries (Infineon SafetyLib/safetyPack), tools (certified Compilers) and a certified safety compliant operating system (i.e PXROS from Hightec).

Typical Aurix based projects in the Industrial segment

  • Off Highway Vehicles, Excavators
  • Marine Vessel Steering Systems
  • Cranes, Aerial Platforms
  • Fork lifts, Motion Control, and Industrial machinery
  • BMS Battery Management Systems for Industrial and Automotive applications (Non-Autosar related)
  • UPS and Energy Storage systems

Industrial Safety Critical Design: the building blocks

The building blocks which normally a development team must consider are Safety Process (Engineering), which in turns demands for: Safety Software Integration, and Tools & Safety Documentation

Safety Design Process

It includes: a Safety Assessment (at project start), and the definition of a Safety Process, which normally is provided by the expertise of a Safety manager/engineer.

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Safety Software Integration Guideline

This guideline layers the foundation of the suggested software structure.

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Safety Software Tools

Safety Operating System

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Certified Safety Libraries

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Safety Testing Tools

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Bootloading with Secure Encryption

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