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Italsoft e Bluewind
Bluewind, società indipendente di Ingegneria ed esperta di sistemi di sviluppo,  collabora da anni con Italsoft, mettendo a disposizione la propria competenza progettuale nell'uso degli strumenti hardware e software distribuiti da Italsoft: Segger, IAR e Signum.
Bluewind progetta prodotti elettronici innovativi per industrie nel campo
Il tipo e la complessità dei progetti embedded, sia hardware che software, richiede l'utilizzo intensivo di
emulatori | programmatori JTAG  | compilatori
analizzatori di codice | librerie middleware
stack USB | File Systems | Sistemi Operativi 
GUI | TCP/IP suites | Windows Manager
L'esperienza nell'utilizzo di questi strumenti in contesti applicativi diversi (8/16/32 bit platforms, con OS specifici o Linux), insieme alla collaborazione strategica e commerciale con  Italsoft consente di offrire una soluzione progettuale software e hardware completa, con integrazione degli strumenti nel modo più efficente.



Home Automation Control System based on Zigbee
The BeeKit is a stand alone software application that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) in which the user can create, modify, save and update wireless network solutions based on Freescale's protocol stacks.  
BeeKit is easily scalable to support new code bases and functionality.

BeeKit includes an unlimited use license for the SMAC and 802.15.4 codebases and Freescale's BeeStack™ ZigBee codebases.

BeeKit requires Iar Embedded Workbench for compilation and configuration.

Graphical User Interfaces
Universal Smart Remote Control for Media Devices (TV sets, VCR, DVD, Hi-Fi)
emWin | windows manager| dialogs |display drivers emWin simulation
Foreign language support

Middleware examples
Production & Testing
Labview integrated EOL programmer for ARM devices
Test JIGs for Automotive and Consumer Electronic Production Lines
Bluewind develops a quantity of End Of Line programming and testing workbenches, either for the Automotive production, and for the Consumer world.
Basic components are: mechanical pressure plates anc contacts; needle-bed bench, National Instruments Labview(c), and tools from Segger, mainly:
About Bluewind
Bluewind, an independent Engineering firm, provides innovative design services, in the field of
Digital Electronics,
     Energy Efficiency and
Bluewind serves primary industry customers located throughout Europe and the United States, in leading application fields such as 
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