Pietro Montino


Pietro Montino

University degree in Engineering (Mechanics)

Degree in Engineering (Mechanics) He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, which he gained from the University of Padua and at the Technical University of Denmark.

After graduating he worked for three years in the metrology development laboratory of one of the main European gas smart meter manufacturers, where he focused on the physical modelling of micro sensors for gas chemical properties and gas flow detection.

In 2017 Pietro joined Bluewind where he is part of the R&D development team focusing on firmware and software programming. By nature, he tends to think outside the box and his colleagues at Bluewind always welcome the different ways he looks at problems. Pietro is passionate about the latest technologies in the field of machine learning for physical system monitoring.

What about his interests outside the workplace? Skiing in winter, swimming and cycling in the summer time, gardening, reading (science and philosophy) and volunteering with the ISF (Informatici Senza Frontiere) association are among his main interests.