Security and Cryptography

The most serious data breaches that emerged in the last few years were initiated by compromising connected hardware devices. The most expensive security attacks today are found to be directed to industrial installations, sometimes with very dangerous threat for humans operating them.

An era of autonomous drive and driver less public transportation is about to come and all prototypes and experimentations would not live without communication over the Internet. The consequences of a malicious intrusion in such situations are even difficult to forecast.

Cryptography was born mainly for military communication, then adopted by financial institutions and governments and developed under the control of high tech institutions and big companies.

Today entire ranges of products we use are becoming a target for security attacks. Cryptography and the concept of Security by Design are fundamental while developing almost anything. Vehicles, industrial equipment, medical instruments, white goods and home automation accessories are fields of experience where Bluewind can help designing robust products with the help of our Security Experts.

Deploying the firmware during production and upgrading over the air requires that an architecture for secure federated identification and authorization is in place since the first field tests of a new product.

Bluewind is at the center of a network of specialists for all security needs. We have access to Universities labs, Penetration Testers, Software Solution Vendors. Bluewind Security Experts know the algorithms and architectures needed for a Secure by Design development process.