Assessment for Safety Critical Systems

During this consultancy the client will benefit from:

  • confidence about the status of the project from a Functional Safety point of view
  • knowledge about pitfalls and serious hurdles at hardware, software and system level for reaching the required Functional Safety qualification
  • a precise path and strategy for a Functional Safety compliant design process during product development

Phase 1: Analysis

All Functional Safety related norms and best practices require that a minimum set of documents is developed, maintained and tracked during the design process and the entire life of a product.

An interview conducted from remote will reveal the status of knowledge regarding Functional Safety. A review of the available documentation and existing requirements is among the outcomes of this activity, together with a delta analysis about how to reach the required level of accountability.

An example of a partial list based on IEC 61508 is:

  1. Functional description of the board
  2. Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  3. Safety Functions definition
  4. Technical Safety requirements description
  5. Hardware and Software architecture


Phase 2: Workshop

One full day for identifying and set the steps of a process toward product qualification. This is a prerequisite to a successful product development fully compliant to any Functional Safety norm.

Distilling from 20+ years of experience leading projects with Functional Safety requirements, our experts will guide the client through:

  • gaining technical knowledge of the project, reviewing the system and documentation in order to to establish the existing state of the art and align the teams involved in the development
  • listing the technical details of an applicable standard, performing a preliminary analysis of the Safety requirements
  • preparing and discussing a shared action plan with a roadmap for the product development compliant to the Functional Safety qualification
  • listing important milestones
  • identifying a strategy for choosing the right option when Safety is concerned
  • preparing a toolbox with a minimum set of software and hardware instruments when applicable