Products Engineered for Reliability

The electronic design process is carried out by the mechanical engineers, who are responsible for all aspects: electrical, mechanical, and thermal. System concept, physical modelling and user requirements are handled by Matlab/ Simulink(TM) and UML formal language. Hardware schematics, simulation and PCB layout design are carried out with CAD tools and pSpice tools.
Safety standards such as 61508, 26262 are constantly applied in the Industrial and Automotive fields.
All electronic parts are designed for manufacturing from the outset: PCB boards and layout are devised for testing from the prototype stage to production. Bluewind takes care of the test and qualification process of the product. Thermal analysis, EMI/EMC analysis, regulatory compliance (CE/FCC), and vibration testing are essential to fully qualify a product (to ensure a product meets all required standards). At Bluewind we manage all of these aspects. That is why we design the product with these constraints firmly in mind right from the concept stage.