Bluewind Academy

How to Design, Manufacture and Maintain high reliability Electronic Systems.

As a Research and Development Company in the Automotive, Industrial and Medical fields, Bluewind is committed to adopt technologies, processes and tools essential to the development of optimal quality electronic systems.
The critical foundations of modern system development include: Software Technology, Hardware Design, Safety System Design, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity.

Bluewind Academy purpose is to strengthen the audience technical skills essential to design, prototype, manufacture and maintain high quality electronic systems.
The technology skill is transferred from an Expert Development Engineer to the user: by these trainings, the technical teams learn how to develop complex systems and products which are reliable, testable, maintainable and safe.

The most effective technology transfer is made by training on the job, inspired to a real case of interest. A combination of class teaching and supported hands-on is the best factor for effective transfer. Bluewind Academy offers both open classes in our site, and custom-site trainings, adapted to client’s needs.
Intended audience includes Hardware and Software developers, System Engineers, Safety Engineers and Technical Managers.


Functional Safety

There are no shortcuts when designing a Safety Critical System. The need for compliance with Functional Safety requirements, including IEC-61508 (Industrial) and ISO-26262 (Automotive) are becoming a technological barrier for many industries. These training classes provide the System Engineer with an extensive practical toolbox on how to effectively implement a safety-first design process.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-ML/Machine learning algorithms demonstrate immense power and are replacing hand-crafted solutions in many domains: from robotics to home automation, from safety systems to industrial applications.
The paradigm of AI architecture is shifting towards distributed-AI ecosystems which bring advantages in terms of energy consumption, functional safety, cyber security and privacy. All in one: embedding artificial intelligence adds competitive advantage to your product.

IoT & Connected Devices

Most, if not all, modern electronic product being developed today are connected to a network by design. Bluewind training courses are aimed to teach participants how to use fundamental tools for the preparation and evolution of fast IoT prototypes, and how to transform them into reliable applications.


Software and Firmware development accounts for up to 80% typical product development effort, thus becoming the critical factor to product quality. During Software training classes, Bluewind engineers transfer the same methods, proven practices, test practices and tool knowledge selected during a 20+ years development experience.


Hardware development training classes provide both the fundamentals and the advanced skills necessary to cope with modern hardware design requirements. The engineer attending these classes will be enabled to design physical boards complying with production standards, EMC/EMI requirements, testing and Safety constraints.

Course schedule

Bluewind Academy provides a set of trainings on Functional Safety, AI – Artificial Intelligence, Software Design and IOT Products Design. Below you can see the full program of training classes.