Innovative product development
World class engineering

Bluewind, an independent engineering company, provides world-class products, engineering and software solutions in the domains of electronics, safety critical applications, and connected devices.
Bluewind is a strategic partner who creates value in the whole product innovation cycle, taking part to product strategy stage, and providing electronics and software design, certifications consultancy, and production.

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AI-Powered Testing Automation

Bluewind shows how to apply artificial intelligence(AI) to test automation.
The presented work is based on recent developments at Bluewind exploiting AI/ML in real product testing.
Notably, an AI-powered test setup for medical equipment (End of Line), revealed an increase of 20% fault detection, and a decrease in manual testing (production) estimated around 45%.
Another AI-powered test setup for Industrial Sensors, (Functional Test) provided a 15% increase in quality performance, while requiring only 25% of the previous manual test effort.


Our Applications

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Technologies for different domains

Product design requires deep knowledge of the mix of technologies applicable for each specific requirement. Since the beginning, the Bluewind teams have developed a broad range of products covering the entire spectrum of electronics-based objects. As a result, we can now offer extensive knowledge of the broad range of technologies usually encountered when imagining your next product.

Sharing technologies knowledge across domains affords great benefits when working with Bluewind. Our engineers are able to imagine how to borrow solutions from one segment in order to provide solutions to another without losing focus on usability and business model constraints.

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