about us

About us

Mission and vision

Bluewind, an independent engineering company, provides innovative product design solutions in the fields of Electronics, Energy Efficiency, and Connected Devices.
The R&D task force consists of 20+ experienced engineers, providing full product design and covering the complete design cycle: product strategy, hardware and software design, testing, CE compliance, and production.

Founded in 1998, the company serves primary industries located throughout Europe and the USA, offering wide experience over several application fields.

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About us


About us


About us


Technology for different domains

Product design requires deep knowledge of the mix of technologies applicable for each specific requirement. Since the beginning, the Bluewind teams have developed a broad range of products covering the entire spectrum of electronics-based objects. As a result, we can now offer extensive knowledge of the broad range of technologies usually encountered when imagining your next product.

Sharing technologies knowledge across domains affords great benefits when working with Bluewind. Our engineers are able to imagine how to borrow solutions from one segment in order to provide solutions to another without losing focus on usability and business model constraints.

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Electronics & Power

Power Electronics Design is among the core technologies at Bluewind and part of our history. The development of modern cost effective power electronics products in highly demanding domains requires that mathematical, hardware and software skills are put together in an integrated team with the ability to perform meaningful investigations, trials and design of innovative solutions.

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Software Design

Software Design is central to the design of almost any product with electronics inside. The quality of the Software Design processes directly determines the success of a business model, and delivering maximum quality has proudly been one of the main targets at Bluewind for all our interdisciplinary teams.

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It might appear that Wireless Technology Design is becoming simpler due to the ever-increasing availability of modules and certified solutions.

When integrating wireless communication channels in a product aimed at a global market, it is necessary to ensure quality and consistent performance whilst maintaining full compliance with worldwide norms and market-driven constraints.

Bluewind partners with the leading modules manufacturers and antenna design centres in order to give maximum visibility and predictability to the final results of a wireless-based electronics design.

About us


The Bluewind team of professionals, comprising more than 20 people including staff and collaborators, come from different scientific disciplines: engineering, mechanics, mathematics and economics.

The company continuously seeks out the best and the brightest from a broad range of scientific disciplines: some of our professionals are former graduates who started from an experimental thesis work,
and developed their skills by being trained on the job at Bluewind labs, before becoming fully-fledged members of the company line-up.