Training: Artificial Intelligence on the edge October 2020

Training: Artificial Intelligence on the edge October 2020
3 September 2020 Denni Rostirolla

Artificial Intelligence on the Edge for Embedded Systems

Take part to a free introductory lesson to AI-On the edge.
You’ll have the option to subscribe to the full, 2 days, AI training.


Introductory Lesson (free: Oct 15, 2020)

This is the Introductory of the training and the first lesson: it sets the domain definition. The participants will get familiar with basic AI concepts and vocabulary. This session session will provide the domain of applications of edge AI solutions. Moreover a description of the main benefits arising from the technology will be given.

2-days Training details (Oct 20-21, 2020)

The training is organized into 2 web sessions of 4 hours.
Each web sessions of 4 hours will include also some Q&A sessions with the expert.
Hands-on training will be based upon the real platform “Vivaldi”, an AI-based Sound recognition platform, developed by Bluewind and Embedded gesture recognition for industrial automation.

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