Event: Bluewind for Space Economy and Technology

Event: Bluewind for Space Economy and Technology
21 June 2022 Denni Rostirolla
New event

Bluewind will join the event on Space Economy and Technology

23 June 2022 Live and Streaming Web Event

9:00 Big Hall H-FARM Roncade (TV)

Veneto and the frontier of space” is upon us!
The event will be held both online and on site in H-FARM campus in Roncade (TV) on Thursday 23rd June with many interesting and authoritative contributions.

Companies and Experts, committed in solving the complex challenges of the Space Economy, will exhibit their solutions. Right here in Veneto and Italy devices are being designed to be launch into space.

Our Director of Engineering Stefano Costa will be available with our skills in Functional Safety, Cybersecurity with NFT, Edge Machine Learning and much more.

The CTNA National Aerospace Technological Cluster is 10 years old, and Bluewind supports this long journey by joining the Regional Innovative Aerospace Innovation and Research Network – RIR AIR.