Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion Detection System
5 May 2021 Denni Rostirolla

Intrusion Detection System for On-Board Vehicle Communication

Artificial Intelligence based, supervised trained networks achieve state of the art performances in classification of cyber attacks

In the future, each car will constantly communicate with the surrounding environment made of other cars, pedestrians and road signs giving rise to what is called the Vehicle to Everything (V2X) paradigm. In a modern vehicle there are many kinds of networks: the CAN bus is the de facto standard for safety critical applications. The CAN bus connects hundreds of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and controls most, if not all, of the electro-mechanical actuated systems: from brakes to lights, from airbags to transmission.

In today’s connected world, finding ways to prevent cyber-attacks that could damage on-board systems and put the vehicle and the passengers at risk, has become of pivotal importance.

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