As an engineering services firm, Bluewind offers innovative design solutions in the field of Digital Electronic Systems, Energy Efficiency and Wireless Communication. Today, Bluewind serves primary customers located throughout Europe and the United States.




Understanding the Product
At Bluewind, the greatest attention goes to the customer requirements. A fair amount of the design activity is invested in describing the real use cases of the product which will be developed. This time has the greatest value: understanding the customer needs is key for succesful designs.
The electronic design process is carried on along the mechanical engineers, taking care of all sides: electrical, mechanical, thermal. System concept,  physical modeling and user requirements are handled by Matlab/ Simulink(TM) and UML formal language. Hardware schematics, simulation and PCB layout design are carried on with CAD tools and pSpice tools.


All electronic parts are designed for manufacturing from beginning: PCB boards and layout are devised for testing from the protototype stage, up to pilot production.
Bluewind takes care of the test and qualification process of the product. Thermal analysis, EMI/EMC analysis, regulatory compliance (CE/FCC), vibraton tests are essential to fully qualify a product. At Bluewind we do know this. That's why we design the product with these contraints in mind since the concept stage.

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