Training: Test Driven Development September 2020

Training: Test Driven Development September 2020
21 July 2020 Denni Rostirolla

TDD – Test Driven Software Development and Unit Test Cases

We organize a 8-lessons training on how to develop Reliable Embedded Systems Software.

Test Driven Development (TDD) and Unit Testing (UT) are the basis of a software development path which leads to reliability and stability of software products. Developing software for embedded systems is believed to be among the most unpredictables engineering practices.
Is it possible to:

– produce predictable results?
– deliver consistently?
– avoid endless maintenance of products?

Actually, error-free software is a realistic target for any team.
In this 2-module training, Bluewind explains the rules of TDD and how to build UT-Unit Test Cases for reliable and maintainable code base.

The web training will start the 16 Semptember 2020.

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