iLLD Guideline to Safety Certifications

iLLD Guideline to Safety Certifications
17 September 2020 Denni Rostirolla

A guideline to Safety Certifications in the Industrial, CAV and Heavy-Duty segment

A practical roadmap to the use of Infineon Aurix iLLD and Hightec PXROS in the IEC 61508 Safety context

Bluewind will explain the process of integrating iLLDs Aurix software drivers to enable a project compliant with IEC 61508 (or other similar Safety International Standard referred by the Construction, Agriculture, Off-highway and Heavy duty industries). Similarly, the same approach has been exploited for Automotive “non-AUTOSAR” designs.

Infineon Aurix is a very powerful CPU capable of solving projects, both in the automotive and industrial, fields, due to its sophisticated peripherals. Complex architectures can be designed based on the configuration and combination of these devices.

To simplify the use of peripherals Infineon provides a set of related drivers, collected in two types of libraries: iLLD and MCAL. We will explain briefly what these drivers are, what are the basic principles of IEC 61508 involved in the integration, and when iLLD should be suggested for specific project types.

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