AURIX Safety Critical Applications

Application note

Enabling AURIX iLLD drivers in
Safety Critical Applications
using HighTec PXROS-HR Operating System




We are providing an alternative solution for Safety Critical Applications based on Infineon iLLD drivers and PXROS-HR operating system which is a valid alternative in markets in which AUTOSAR is not required.

Application examples:

  • Industrial applications
  • Construction & Agricultural Vehicles
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Avionics and Marine




On multi-core systems, PXROS-HR solves the risk of parallel access to common resources through the communication of an MPU protected message which is the safest way of inter-task communication across different cores. An adaptation layer encloses all the software required for iLLD drivers encapsulation into PXROS-HR.

iLLD drivers can be built as a standalone library as released by Infineon.