Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework for Industrial Safety Applications

Bluewind iMCAL is an engineering Software Framework specifically designed for Industrial applications, serving as the foundation for developments with Functional Safety requirements aligned with IEC 61508 and other domain-specific industrial standards.


Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework groups a set of building elements related to the Microcontroller (libraries, modules and standardized practices) to facilitate the development process of safety projects in the industrial field.

iMCAL, an acronym for Industrial Micro Controller Abstraction Layer, is distributed as Bluewind’s Intellectual Property under a specific license.

iMCAL building blocks has been developed and deployed by Bluewind over the years in projects certified according to IEC 61508 and derived standards.
Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework enables industrial safety development to reach qualification at a reduced cost and time to market.

The software modules and drivers provided by iMCAL are tailored to specific hardware platforms and Microcontroller derivatives, as outlined in the roadmap, with supported tools specified in the release notes.

Depending on applications, iMCAL combined with a safety-qualified real-time operating system allow for a reduction in the safety process complexity.

Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework has been developed taking into account the safety process requirements, without a specific safety level claim.

Product designs adhering to standards such as IEC 61508, EN 13849, and EN 60730 can benefit from the usage of iMCAL.

Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework finds application in various Industrial scenarios, including excavators, off-highway vehicles, cranes, construction equipment, forklifts, Industrial plants, stationary battery management systems, marine steering systems, light electrical vehicles, and more.

Programming Languages for iMCAL Software Modules

The software modules provided by iMCAL are written in both C and Rust, as a preferred alternative programming language for the development of software modules to be used in projects with requirements of functional safety and high dependability.

Supported Microcontroller Families

Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework is currently available for the following Microcontroller families:

For information on support for other platforms, feel free to reach out to us.

How iMCAL Enables Safety Certification?

Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework provides:

  • Software modules (e.g. add-ons implementing External Safety Mechanisms – ESM);
  • Software wrappers over existing drivers (e.g. iLLD or adaptation layer to safety compliant RTOS);
  • Specifically developed safety drivers (e.g. device drivers for specific components or peripheral drivers in Rust)

iMCAL is designed to cater to the needs of a fully compliant IEC 61508 development process, utilizing tools and methodologies approved by competent bodies.

iMCAL enables safety certification by providing:

  • Module design documentation compatible with industrial safety standard (e.g. module description using semi-formal language like UML);
  • Templates for unit test and static analysis report execution on the modules (i.e. prepared for QA Systems Cantata, BUGSENG Eclair);
  • Templates for FMEA over existing drivers;
  • Templates for SW requirements in ReqIF (i.e. IBM DOORS Next compatible);
  • Documentation (e.g. User Manuals).

Bluewind Expertise

Bluewind’s long standing knowledge of Safety-oriented embedded platforms, combined with the capability to provide expert services for full Product Design is the key to being effective in your project —including Architectural, Hardware and Software Design, Product Testing, and full support for Functional Safety/Cybersecurity processes.

Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework is the project foundation of a safety-oriented design process for Industrial, which can be further accelerated by Bluewind through:

  • Safety management and training
  • Tools and libraries selection guideline
  • iMCAL integration
  • Application specific software development
  • Unit & Integration testing


How to Purchase?

Bluewind’s technical sales experts are available to assist you in selecting the most suitable product and/or license model to meet your design requirements, offering a detailed quotation.

For licensing inquiries or any additional information, please write to: