Rust at Bluewind

Rust Programming Language at Bluewind

Bluewind is exploring the potential of the multi-paradigm Rust programming language as a preferred alternative for developing software modules in new dependable systems.

About Rust

Rust, recognized for its high performance and memory safety, showcases compilation efficiency comparable to that of a C compiler.

These features make it ideal for developing reliable systems in sectors like Automotive and Industrial, reducing costs and time to market.

Rust stands out as a promising and modern programming language with intrinsic safety features.

Customer Benefits 

Rust features cater to the needs of product development, offering multiple benefits:

  • High performance combined with reliability and productivity.
  • Excellent support for interoperability with other languages in embedded systems.
  • Efficient compilation of code, nearly matching the efficiency of a C compiler.
  • Provision of a modern software development environment.

An Enabling Technology

Rust is a promising and modern programming language with intrinsic safety features.

This is why Rust is considered by Bluewind as an enabling technology for the development of new dependable systems.

Why not seriously consider Rust in your new project?


A Winning Technology


In Bluewind‘s intuition, Rust simplifies the developer’s life in the context of complex and safety-related developments.

Rust faithfully and safely translates the developer’s idea into a behavior.

Bluewind Expertise in Rust

Bluewind has incorporated Rust programming to its long standing knowledge and expertise in designing safety-oriented embedded platforms.

Bluewind provides expert services for the code porting and customization in Rust, positioning it as a preferred alternative programming language for developing software modules intended for projects with functional safety requirements and high dependability.

Bluewind Achievements

  • Rust peripheral drivers development for Infineon AURIX™ TC37x (Read more …)
  • Specifically developed safety drivers, as part of the Bluewind iMCAL Software Framework project (Read more …)

Bluewind Promotion on Rust

Educational Activities

  • Training: 1000+ of collective training hours offered per year.
  • Proof of concept: Multiple platforms available for developers to experiment with.

Working Groups & Events

  • Joining the Rust Foundation.
  • Joining SAE SAfEr Rust Task Force.
  • Launching of North Italy Rust for Embedded Meetups and Workshops.

Business Development

  • Reducing the overall investment by incorporating Rust into new designs.
  • Across our clients: when possible, encouraging Rust adoption instead of C.
  • Across silicon vendors: new libraries, new initiatives need to consider Rust.
  • Across our network: partnering with small startups working with Rust.

Ready to delve deeper into Rust with us and elevate your projects to new heights?

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AURIX™ Rust Startup Ecosystem

AURIX™ Rust Startup Ecosystem empowers customers to seamlessly integrate Rust tasks alongside existing “C” implementations.

Veecle and HighTec provide a Rust asynchronous runtime and wrapper for HighTec’s PXROS-HR multicore real-time OS, facilitating the coexistence of drivers, peripherals and algorithms in both existing “C” and new Rust developments.

Bluewind offers low-level peripheral drivers for Infineon AURIX™ native in Rust, leveraging the Infineon Peripheral Access Crate (PAC) designed for AURIX™ TC375 peripherals and CSFRs.

Application examples, curated by Veecle and Bluewind, are also included in the AURIX™ Rust Startup Ecosystem, encompassing bare metal driver examples, driver instances employing PXROS-HR, and connectivity application demonstrations.

To evaluate HighTec Rust Development Platform fill in the registration form at:

To start using AURIX™ Rust Startup Ecosystem go to the following links, where you will find instructions to setup the environment and try the examples available from Bluewind and the other partners: