Hand Rehabilitation Robot

Application note

Hand Rehabilitation Robot

A VR-Virtual Reality Motor Driver toolkit for Infineon XMC Relax Kit

A hand rehabilitation robot based on a real time implementation of a Virtual Reality Environment in a cooperation between Scientific teams at University of Padua and San Camillo Rehabilitation Hospital of Venice-Lido, along with Khymeia and Bluewind as an electronic development support team.



XMC based Motor Driver Toolkit

XMC MCU has been chosen as the right choice for its outstanding real-time capabilities, the suitable peripheral set and tool ecosystem. The board is basically a motor driver toolkit, based on Infineon XMC Relax Kit: usual motor driver application required signals are managed and properly interfaced to the XMC4500 MCU. For instance an external DC brushless driver can this way control torque or current setpoint and motor positions.



Real-time sensing

Less-than-millisecond actuator-sensor loop is performed thanks to the fast ethernet interface and bare-metal firmware.
All input and output signals are protected against overvoltage. Both Ethernet and USB interface (through UART to USB transceiver) can be used to communicate with XMC4500 MCU.


  • +- 10V output current reference (x2)
  • +- 7V input current feedback (x2)
  • Driver enable and Driver OK (x2)
  • 24 Vdc input power supply
  • analog input 0 – 12Vdc (x4)
  • open collector output¬†500mA – 45Vdc max (x4)
  • digital input 0 – 24Vdc (x5)
  • UART to USB interface
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface

About Infineon XMC

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