Viggen TWO Development Platform


Viggen TWO Series

Development Platform



The V2-Platform allows you to develop and create connectivity products for the Internet of Things. It is designed specifically to accommodate the Viggen TWO SOM and offer a wide range of connectivity through the most standard radio and wired interface.

The board allows the developer to program and debug the Viggen TWO SOM through μUSB interface or standard JTAG connector, while the power supply is fed through a standard AC/DC adapter with μUSB connector (mobile phone standard).

Software Development Area

Viggen TWO Product Page

Key components


  • Accommodates Viggen TWO System On a Module
  • 2.4GHz, Sub-GHz and NFC r/w
  • SD card
  • LCD + Camera Sensor interfaces
  • Raspberry PI 2 Model B compatible
  • Li-Ion Battery/Charger and connector
  • 100x100mm, single DC supply & Li-Ion charger

General Features:

  • Mechanical dimensions 100 x 100 mm
  • LCD interface
  • 8-bit Camera Sensor Interface
  • SD CARD connector
  • Raspberry PI 2 Model B expansion connector (optional)
  • On/Off switch for i.MX6UL power down
  • Reset Switch for i.MX6UL

Power supply:

  • 5Vdc single supply via μUSB AC/DC adapter (1.5A min)
  • CR1220 Coin Cell for CPU RTC backup
  • Li-Ion Battery charger/connector with temperature monitoring through NTC

Wireless Interfaces:

  • 2,4 GHz multiprotocol
  • Sub-GHz multiprotocol
  • NFC controller with multi-modes reader/writer

Wired Interfaces:

  • Ethernet 10/100
  • CAN
  • Debug UART through micro USB connector