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Industrial Dependable Systems Powered by Infineon Microcontrollers

Bluewind enables customers to develop Industrial high reliability systems, leveraging the power of Infineon AURIX™ and XMC™ Microcontrollers.
Industrial sectors such as Machinery, Off-Highway Vehicles, Oil & Gas, Power Conversion, Medical and Railway, benefit from Bluewind expertise in the integration of Safety (e.g. IEC 61508, EN 13849) and Cybersecurity (IEC 62443).


At Bluewind, we specialize in the development of high-reliability and Safety-critical Industrial products. Our expertise spans a wide range of Industrial applications including Railways, Off-Highway Vehicles (such as excavators, cranes, and telehandlers), Oil & Gas, and Marine Systems.

Current Industrial applications are increasingly subject to Safety standards such as IEC 61508.
Cybersecurity compliance (such as EN 62443) is considered a crucial factor in ensuring the overall Safety and reliability of Dependable Systems.

The widespread electrification across various domains, including the numerous Automotive designs outside the AUTOSAR framework, benefit from an Industrial Safety approach

The Industrial sector, in its wider meaning, includes a variety of applications, including:
• Power Conversion
• Motion Control
• Energy Management
• Off-Highway Vehicles
• Railway
• Medical & Home Appliances

Design of a Dependable System

Bluewind enables the customers to design AURIX™ powered, high reliability systems throughout the entire design cycle by offering:

  • System Architecture and System Engineering.
  • Product Development: Hardware, Software and System Testing.
  • Safety Support: Safety concept, Hazard and Risk Analysis, and definition of Safety functions.
  • Cybersecurity Support: Cybersecurity concept, Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment, and definition of Cybersecurity requirements.

Infineon XMC™ Microcontroller family completes the offering for Industrial applications where reliability is essential.

Tools for a High Reliability System

The ongoing development process depends on a reliable path to Safety certification which includes these fundamental building blocks:

  • Infineon AURIX™ Microcontroller family, certified for IEC 61508 up to SIL-3.
  • IEC 61508 Safety-qualified libraries (Infineon SafeTlib / Hitex SafeTpack), development tools (certified compiler suite) and a Safety-compliant operating system (e.g., PXROS from HighTec).
  • The use of iMCAL, an engineering framework of software drivers that speeds the development of Safety compliant systems under IEC 61508 and reduces time to market.

Benefits of our Services

Bluewind provides all the critical foundations of the System Development in the Industrial sector, which includes:
• Architecture Concepts
• Safety & Cybersecurity systems
• Hardware & Wireless Design
• Software Technology
• Testing

Beyond these fundamental aspects, you also gain:

• One single provider, officially appointed a PDH by Infineon.
• Support in the device architecture definition.
• Full compliance with EMC norms and Industrial Safety standards such as IEC 61508, EN 50126, IEC 60730, and EN 13849.
• Support with relevant Cybersecurity standards: ISO/SAE 21434 (Automotive), IEC 62443 (Industrial).
• Access to our Academy program on Safety and Cybersecurity.