Bluewind is official distributor of PLS Development Tools

PLS and Bluewind

Starting from 2019, Bluewind is official distributor of PLS Development Tools and provides support for all the products, covering a wide range of microcontroller architectures including:

  • AURIX/TriCore™ (Infineon)
  • Power Architecture® (STM, NXP)
  • ARM/Cortex®
  • Renesas™ RH850

Bluewind is official distributor of PLS Development Tools in Italy.

About PLS

PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme GmbH is the manufacturer of the debugger, trace and test framework Universal Debug Engine® (UDE), one of the leading development tools for 16/32-bit and 64-bit microcontroller applications, specializing in the AURIX, TriCore, Power Architecture, Cortex, S32, ARM, RH850, SH-2A, XE166, XC2000, XScale derivatives.

UDE combines powerful capabilities for debugging, testing and system-level analysis of multi-core systems and deeply embedded microcontrollers with efficiency and ease of use. The Universal Access Device product family completes the full featured debug solution with a fast, flexible and robust access to the target embedded systems.

Multi-core debugging and trace

  • Comfortable multi-core debugging and visualization
  • Core perspectives and core-specific coloring
  • Flexible core groups and multi-core breakpoints allow a synchronous start, stop, and single step
  • Support for SoCs with heterogeneous cores including eTPU, GTM, and HSM
  • Parallel capturing and visualization of multiple trace sources
  • Offline analysis of traces
  • Easy configuration of on-chip trace filters and trigger logic
  • Fast find in large trace data

Trace data analysis at system level

  • Profiling provides important runtime information for finding bottlenecks in applications quickly
  • Code coverage analysis helps ensuring software quality and fulfilling requirements of ISO26262
  • No influence on runtime behavior of application, no instrumentation required
  • Branch coverage can be calculated from trace even for highly optimized code (special compiler extension required)
  • Improved charts visualize code execution and program data

Comprehensive software object model

  • Open interface to all functional features of UDE
  • Based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM)
  • Debug and test automation by scripting
  • Support for Perl, Python, Java, VB Script, Power Shell, C/C++, .NET, etc.
  • Tool interface for third party tools

Compiler and RTOS support, Eclipse integration

  • Support for C/C++ cross compilers from different vendors:
  • HighTec/GNU, Tasking, Keil, ARM, Wind River, Green Hills, etc.
  • Awareness of various RTOS like PXROS, CMX, μC/OSII, rcX, Autosar/OSEK, FreeRTOS and SafeRTOS
  • Eclipse plug-in for UDE offers complete cross debugger functionality

Product info

For more information about Universal Access Devices UAD for Microcontroller debugging via JTAG, cJTAG, DAP, SWD, OnCE, LPD, DXCPL, CAN, ASC, Trace write us: