Application note

Viggen TWO Series

IP Secure Network to the Cloud using Viggen TWO



Viggen TWO System-on-Module, with its development platform, integrates Linear Technology Smartmesh IP radio modules, and offers a complete set of components, enabling a customer wire a local network to the Internet using an intelligent gateway and tools.

Viggen TWO Product Page


Key components


  • Viggen TWO secure (crypto) SOM, based on NXP i.MX6UL
  • Node-RED opensource Visual Tool for the IoT
  • Things MQTT IoT Cloud Server
  • QSL-Linear Technology Library for SmartMesh IP


Bluewind Applications using Viggen TWO


  • Power Plant Monitoring System based on SmartMesh IP
  • Secure IoT Gateway (ETH) for refrigeration controllers (HVAC systems)
  • POS payment systems
  • Secure Home Access System
  • HMI Graphical interface for packaging machines (industrial)
  • Vending machines Bluewind