Things IOT Platform


Things IOT Platform

Connectivity Platform for the Internet of Things

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Things is an IoT platform enabling any application to send valuable data to the internet. The solution offers all the fundamental components of IoT: cloud server and database, network communication, local sensors, web application. Things is scalable and developed relying on well established and secure opensource components.

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Things Cloud is used used here to represent real-time data and measurements at Bluewind premises.


Key components


Things server

Things cloud server is based on a messaging broker service, enabling communication between end points in a secure and managed environment using standard MQTT protocol. Using a standardized protocol allows maximum compatibility with other devices and infrastructures in industry.
Normally, upstream connection from local network (i.e sensors) to the Internet and to things cloud will use 3G/4G, Wi-fi, ADSL routers.

Things local networks

Local networks may deploy a number of different physical channels (wired or wireless), depending on the applications, for instance:

  • KNX
  • PLC
  • Lonworks
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth

Things sensors

Bluewind designs and integrates low power sensors, all connected via wireless or wired link, for example:

  • temperature
  • strain gauge
  • weight, pressure

Things web application

Things Web Application is the visual and logic part of the infrastructure. Its technology is based on opensource Ruby-On Rails (RoR, Rails) web application framework.
The generated web pages are viewed on both pc (browser) or in the equivalent form of mobile app when required. For any specific project, web application can be tailored and adapted to the specific use (medical, industrial, home automation, etc). When appropriate, Web application can include graphs, data logs and visual elements specific to the Customer. Bluewind has developed several web application versions for the food, medical and industrial sectors.