Development Tools

As an Engineering Company, Bluewind makes constant and thorough use of Embedded Development Tools during its daily development duty.

This is why Bluewind competence is required to resell, support and train on a complete embedded tools range including Compilers, Debuggers, Real Time Operating Systems and Test Suites.

Bluewind offers tools, support and training on:

Infineon Software Tools for AURIX 1G and 2G

The functional complexity and levels of integration of real- time, safety-critical applications continue to increase. Safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262, mandate more robust products and functional safety concepts in automotive and industrial applications.

Infineon’s PRO-SIL™ trademark designates the Infineon products that contain SIL-supporting (Safety Integrity Level) features. The purpose of SIL-supporting features involves assisting the overall system design in attaining the desired SIL (according to IEC 61508) or ASIL (according to ISO 26262) level for safety systems with high efficiency. Products with the PRO-SIL™ label will help you to select Infineon products.

Hightec: Compiler and RTOS Software Tools for AURIX and Cortex ARM

Starting from 2015, Bluewind is official distributor of HighTec EDV Systeme Tools, and supports them as a High Reliablity Toolchain provider for:

  • Tricore and Aurix (Infineon)
  • HSM, GTM/MCS (Infineon and STM)
  • Power Architecture (STM and NXP)
  • RH850 (Renesas)

Hitex SafetyPack Software Library for AURIX 2G

Bluewind is official distributor of Hitex Embedded Tools & Solutions, and supports them as a High Reliablity Toolchain provider for AURIX SafeTpack safety manager for AURIX 2nd generation TC3xx.

PRO-SIL TM SafeTpack is a complete safety manager for the AURIX second generation 32-bit safety microcontrollers that provides a shortcut to implementing the safety manual requirements. Like the PRO-SIL TM SafeTlib for AURIX TC2xx first generation, it provides a rapid and straightforward way to achieve ISO 26262 or IEC 61508 certification for safety applications using TC3xx second generation devices.

PLS Real Time debugger for AURIX, Power Architecure and Cortex Arm

Starting from 2019, Bluewind is official distributor of PLS Development Tools and provides support for all the products, covering a wide range of microcontroller architectures including:

  • AURIX/TriCore™ (Infineon)
  • Power Architecture® (STM, NXP)
  • ARM/Cortex®
  • Renesas™ RH850